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Topics of individual healing sessions

Want to bring Cosmoenergy into your life and start practising self-healing? At Cosomoenergy World we are a team of experienced practitioners, offering individual healing sessions as well as group sessions to those in North London.

Both individual and group sessions 

In a Cosmoenergy healing session, the practitioner channels cosmic energy to balance and harmonize the client's energy field. The session typically involves the healer using specific hand movements or visualizations to direct the energy, identifying and addressing blockages or disturbances in the client's energy system. The goal is to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by restoring the natural flow of energy throughout the body. Clients may experience sensations of warmth, relaxation, or shifts in awareness during the session. The healing process is individualized, and outcomes can vary.


In a remote healing session, the Cosmoenergy healer works with the client from a distance. The practitioner taps into the client's energy field without physical contact, using intention, visualization, and the principles of energy connection. The client may be asked to relax in a quiet space during the session. The healer then channels cosmic energy to address imbalances, aiming to promote healing and balance in the client's energy system. Communication may occur before and after the session to discuss experiences or insights. Despite the physical separation, the effectiveness of remote healing is believed to be based on the interconnected nature of energy and consciousness.

Topics of individual sessions

We offer both individual and group sessions, allowing you to choose the most comfortable option for you. 

First consultation and Group session is Free.

​Group sessions - £30 per person (1 hour 10 minutes)


Individual sessions - £60 per person (1 hour 30 minutes)

  1. Increasing and raising vibrations, energy potential, cleansing the chakras, subtle bodies, aura.

  2. Cleansing from destructive programs, negative influences and protection.

  3. Healing the causes of problems and diseases, even a chronic one (diabetes, asthma, allergies, depression, etc.)

  4. For the fulfilment of desires, opening of roads, grounding, and improvement of financial side.

  5. For love, well-being, improvements of relationships and harmonization of Yin-Yang.

  6. Making the right fateful choice, transforming events in a favourable way.

  7. Healing the “Inner Child”.

  8. To cleanse the genus and untie the karmic knots.

  9. Connection with the Higher Self, awareness, and acceptance of oneself.

For individual healing sessions carried out by a qualified Cosmoenergy practitioner in North London, contact us at Cosmoenergy World on 07984 447985

Contact us

Irina - 07984 447985

Shakiba - 07490733343

Stefan - 07931588969

Available hours

Monday - Saturday: 9:00 - 5:00
Sunday: Closed

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