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Cosmoenergy in North London

To begin your self-healing journey today, choose Cosmoenergy at Cosmoenergy World, allowing you to enhance body and soul with careful practices, relieving stress, tension and encouraging healing from within

About our practitioners

My name is Irina Psculkovska. I am a Magister of Cosmoenergy, qualified in European Academy of Cosmoenergetics and Spiritual Healing with more than 20-years of experience in other spiritual, esoterica practices, such as Hutta Block, Fire-Flower and Egregor Zoroastrianism.

As a Cosmoenergy practitioner I help people to clear and heal their emotional and physical bodies, be confident and calm, face life challenges, take charge of their own life, and overcome any obstacles they may face. As a result, I hope for them to feel more joyful, confident, and balanced in everyday life, removing negativity and encouraging personal growth.

As a Cosmoenergy teacher I provide my students with a practical and very valuable tool to help them:

  • Heal emotionally and physically.

  • Improve all aspects of the life.

  • Get to know yourself and your potentials.

  • Achieve the balance between body and spirit.

  • Get a possibility to help themselves and they families.


Irina Psculkovska - cosmoenergy practitioner at Cosmoenergy World

I am Shakiba Ahad

As a Master of Cosmoenergy I qualified in European Academy of Cosmoenergetics and Spiritual Healing.

Previously I have worked as a qualified Life Coach with many years experience in helping others reach their true potential

Shakiba Ahad.jpg

I’m Stefan Nowosz, a practitioner of Cosmoenergy, Reiki, and rebirthing.

I help individuals clear and heal their emotional and physical bodies, empowering them to face life’s challenges with confidence, take control of their destinies, and overcome obstacles.

I aim for my clients to experience greater joy, confidence, and balance in their everyday lives, removing negativity and fostering personal growth.

Stefan Nowosz (002).jpg

For Cosmoenergy sessions carried out by a qualified Cosmoenergy practitioner in North London, contact us at Cosmoenergy World on 07984 447985 to start your healing journey today!

Contact us

07984 447985

Available hours

Monday - Saturday: 9:00 - 5:00
Sunday: Closed

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